Sen w muzyce

Dzieła muzyczne inspirowane snami:

    Devil’s Trill Sonata Giuseppe Tartini
    La Villa Strangiato Rush
    Selected Ambient Works Volume II Aphex Twin
    Yesterday Paula McCartneya
    El Cielo Dredg
    Inside a Dream Jane Wiedlin
    Isn’t Anything,  Loveless My Bloody Valentine
    And the Glass-Handed Kites i inne dzieła Mew
    If I Needed You Townes Van Zandt
    The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking Rogera Watersa
    Lucid Dreas Celia Green
    Micro Cuts Muse
    My fruits Psychobells …A Seed Combustible, Bath, Leaving Yur Body Map, Part the Second maudlin of the Well